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Hayley Roscoe









There are people who write songs for fun, and there are people who write because it’s a compulsion.  Hayley Roscoe is the latter. 


Like every suburban daughter, Hayley began her musical education early with after-school music lessons­ in jazz piano and classical voice. A 90’s kid through and through, Hayley would come home and immerse herself in pop hits and indie rock anthems.  These combined musical influences enabled her to develop a unique and versatile voice as a songwriter early on.


Roscoe cut her teeth working with Toronto-based producer, Mladen Alexander (Olé); a mentorship that led to her first cut on the TV show Degrassi: The Next Generation when she was just 15 years old. Having since written with the likes of Axel Ulfsen (Norde/Universal), Ben Samama (HitVocals), and Ben Macklin, Roscoe is an experienced collaborator with a talent for vibrant lyrics and catchy melodies. She holds a Toronto Independent Music Award for her 2012 EP, Catalyst and Roscoe has released her single, Texas, with North London indie label, Copper Brown earlier this year.